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Chactemal was one of the early names given to this area of the Maya civilization of pre-Columbian times, before 1511. It ranged from at least the present island of Cozumel, down well into present-day Belize. It includes the present area of greater Chetumal, México.

We are focusing on the archaeological site of Santa Rita, in Corozal Town, Belize. This is the most likely headquarters of the Chactemal area at the time the Spanish arrived to change forever the lives of the Maya. The integration of one particular Spaniard, Gonzalo Guerrero into the Maya culture, and his subsequent marriage to the Maya Princess Zazil Há, has resulted in a little bit of verifiable history, an extremely interesting legend, and a major shift in culture.

This website will be heavy on the legend, but we hope we are as true as possible to the known history (which, unfortunately, conflicts in some respects). We would appreciate any feedback you might have as to how we could improve on the legend, the history, or the cultural representation.

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