Nachán Can

Nachán Can, or Nachán Ka’an, was the chief of the Chactemal Maya. He received the shipwrecked Spanish sailor/soldier Gonzalo Guerrero as a slave, in about 1511. Guerrero impressed Nachán Can with his warrior knowledge and capabilities, and Guerrero quickly became assimilated into the Maya culture, with tatoos and ear piercings. Nachán Can learned European style war strategies from Guerrero, who probably learned techniques from the Maya as well. Guerrero began to prove himself leading war parties, and Nachán Can eventually rewarded him with the hand of his daughter Zazil Há in marriage. Their children were the first Mestizos, and in fact the first known European/Native American children on the mainland of the Americas.

Through his own ferocity in battle, no doubt enhanced by the experience of Gonzalo Guerrero, Nachán Can was greatly feared during the war of the conquest of Mexico.


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